Sadly, we have to contact you to let you know the sad news that Fudge passed away on Friday.

She was 20 years old and had been at the Sanctuary for 8 years coming to us after her owners, due to health issues, were unable to look after Fudge and her friend Toffee. They were from Ilkley in Yorkshire and were a very happy pair.

Fudge was a large, furry donkey with a dipped back who was very popular with our visitors at the Sanctuary and was also one of the most highly adopted donkeys on the list of Donkeys available for adoption on the website.

She was a very healthy donkey until she recently developed laminitis and had ongoing issues with her feet. She was medicated by our team of vets to control the pain but when they were unable to contain her pain anymore, the decision was taken to put her to sleep by the vet on Friday afternoon.

Fudge will be missed by the staff and volunteers and will be a great miss when the sanctuary reopens on the 18th to her loyal band of supporters who have adopted her.

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